Editorial Board

The project takes place under the responsibility of the Translation Services Coordinator of the United Bible Societies (TSC), who delegates the supervision of the project to an editorial board. This board meets at least once a year to

The editorial board currently consists of the following persons:

Advisory Board

In addition to the editorial board there is an advisory board consisting of a number of well-known scholars from all over the world with experience in the field of lexicography. This board will meet on a regular basis to evaluate the work that is being done and advise the editorial board on matters concerning the lexicographical aspects of the project.

At this stage the advisory board has not yet been established.


The responsibility for the lexicographic work of the project is delegated by the editorial board to the editor whose task it is to

The current editor of SDBH is Dr. Reinier de Blois, working with the assistance of Prof. Dr. Enio R. Mueller.


There is still room for scholars who are interested in contributing to this project. However, due to the fact that the United Bible Societies is a non-profit organization with limited resources any contribution to this project must be seen as a volunteer commitment.

We are looking for people with a doctorate in Biblical Studies or Old Testament with emphasis on biblical Hebrew, and with a special interest in the application of modern linguistic principles in the study of this language. People who are currently enrolled in such a doctorate project will be considered as well.

In addition to this we welcome contributions from students in any of the disciplines mentioned above who want to do a lexicographic study of one or more Hebrew words for their thesis, as long as their work is supervised by someone who meets the requirements outlined in the previous paragraph.

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