Reinier de Blois


Name:                     Reinier de Blois

Date of Birth:            June 4, 1960

Place of Birth:           Zeist, The Netherlands


1972-1978     Secondary school at Christelijk Lyceum in Zeist; curriculum included 2 years of Latin and 5 years of Classical Greek

1978-1982           Studied African Linguistics at University of Leiden; curriculum included Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Fieldwork, Swahili, Hausa, Cultural Anthropology, and Comparative Linguistics.

Secondary subjects (University of Utrecht):

(1)  Old Testament (Introduction OT, Hebrew, Aramaic, Biblical Archeology)

(2)   Comparative Religion (Anthropology/Theology)

These studies resulted in a doctorandus degree (equivalent of M.A.)

1981-1982           Additional courses in OT exegesis and advanced Hebrew

1983                          Moved to Abakaliki, Nigeria, to work as coordinator/exegete for Izi/Ikwo/Ezaa Old Testament translation project, employed by Mission of Netherlands Reformed Congregations

1985             Participated in 6-week workshop led by Dr. Robert Longacre on Discourse Structure, held at N.B.T.T., Jos, Nigeria

1985                          Introductory course in computers, followed by workshop at Taylor University, Upland, Indiana, U.S.A.

1990                          Moved to Woerden, The Netherlands; continued working on part-time basis as coordinator/exegete for Izi/Ikwo/Ezaa Old Testament translation project

1991                          Joined UBS as Honorary Translation Advisor, responsible for projects in Guinea, West-Africa

1994-1996           Developed Paratext (up till version 3.2), a computer program for people involved in Bible translation; handed over this project to UBS in 1996

1999                          Appointed by UBS as editor-in-chief of new dictionary of biblical Hebrew, based on semantic domains; later called: a Semantic Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew

2000                          Doctorate in Linguistics at Free University of Amsterdam, on dissertation, titled: Towards a New Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew Based on Semantic Domains.



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